# Installation

Trellis relies on a few other software tools. Make sure all dependencies have been installed before moving on:

Windows user?

Read the Windows getting started docs for slightly different installation instructions.

# Create a project

To create a new project, first pick a descriptive name (and use it place of the default example.com). We recommend the domain of the site for convenience.

  • Trellis CLI
  • Manual
$ trellis new example.com

After you've created a project, the folder structure for a Trellis project will look like this:

example.com/      # → Root folder for the project
├── trellis/      # → Your clone of this repository
└── site/         # → A Bedrock-based WordPress site
    └── web/
        ├── app/  # → WordPress content directory (themes, plugins, etc.)
        └── wp/   # → WordPress core (don't touch!)

See a complete working example in the roots-example-project.com repo.