# Theme Templates

The resources/views/ directory contains files that you can further extend with the normal WordPress Template Hierarchy (opens new window):

  • 404.blade.php – Error 404 page
  • index.blade.php – Archive page (used by blog page, category archives, author archives and more)
  • page.blade.php – Single page
  • search.blade.php – Search results page
  • single.blade.php – Single post page
  • template-custom.blade.php – An example single page template

All templates are wrapped by a base file in the layouts/ directory:

  • app.blade.php – The base template which wraps the base markup around all template files

These files include templates from the resources/views/partials/ directory which is where you'll be making most of your customizations:

  • comments.blade.php – Markup for comments
  • content-page.blade.php – Markup included from resources/views/page.blade.php
  • content-search.blade.php – Markup included from resources/views/search.blade.php
  • content-single.blade.php – Markup included from resources/views/single.blade.php
  • content.blade.php – Markup included from resources/views/index.blade.php
  • entry-meta.blade.php – Post entry meta information included from resources/views/content-single.blade.php
  • footer.blade.php – Footer markup included from resources/views/layout/app.blade.php
  • head.blade.php<head> markup included from resources/views/layout/app.blade.php
  • header.blade.php – Header markup included from resources/views/layout/app.blade.php
  • page-header.blade.php – Page title markup included from most of the files in the resources/views/ directory
  • sidebar.blade.php – Sidebar markup included from resources/views/layout/app.blade.php

# Extending templates

The normal WordPress Template Hierarchy (opens new window) is still intact. Here’s some examples:

  • Copy index.blade.php to author.blade.php for customizing author archives
  • Copy index.blade.php to home.blade.php for customizing the Home page if you’re showing the latest posts (under Reading Settings) instead of a static front page
  • Copy index.blade.php to archive-gallery.blade.php for customizing the archive page for a custom post type registered as gallery
  • Copy page.blade.php to front-page.blade.php for customizing the static front page
  • Copy page.blade.php to page-about.blade.php for customizing a page called About

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