# Deployment

To deploy a Sage theme you'll need to make sure two things are covered:

  1. Run composer install from the theme directory on the remote server
  2. Copy over production theme assets (the dist/ folder)

Generate production ready assets with yarn build:production, which will build your assets with versioned filenames to the dist/ folder.

# Deploying Sage with Trellis

If you use Trellis (opens new window), you can build your assets locally (or on a CI server), then copy them to the remote server during deployment. See the build-before.yml example hook (opens new window) in Trellis.

# Deploying Sage on Kinsta

Kinsta supports Bedrock and Trellis (opens new window), so deploying Sage with Trellis on Kinsta (opens new window) is possible by following a few extra steps.

# Deploying Sage on WP Engine

The Sage 9 on WP Engine (opens new window) thread on Roots Discourse covers how to work around limitations on WP Engine to deploy your theme.

We do not officially recommend or support this and suggest using a WordPress host that supports SSH, Git, Composer, and the latest PHP versions.

# Deploying Sage via FTP

If you don't have permission to run composer on the production server and/or are using a shared hosting service, you may want to deploy Sage with FTP. To do so, compile your assets for production and run composer install --no-dev in your theme directory. Upload all files and folders in your theme except the node_modules directory to your host.

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