# Blade Templates

Sage uses Laravel's Blade (opens new window) templating engine.

# Passing data to templates

Sage includes a sage/template/{$class}/data filter that can be used to pass data to templates. This is the most simple way to pass data.

add_filter('sage/template/page/data', function (array $data) {
    $data['header_image'] = get_field('header_image');
    $data['header_content'] = get_field('header_content');
    return $data;

Controller (opens new window) can also be used to pass data to templates.

# WP-CLI utility

blade-generate (opens new window) is a WP-CLI package that can be used to compile, wipe, and clear Blade templates. Install blade-generate by running:

$ wp package install git@github.com:alwaysblank/blade-generate.git

After installing blade-generate you can run the following commands:

  • wp blade compile
  • wp blade clear
  • wp blade wipe

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