# Installation

Install Sage by copying the project into a new folder within your WordPress themes directory.

Make sure all dependencies have been installed before moving on:

Install Sage using Composer from your WordPress themes directory (replace your-theme-name below with the name of your theme):

# @ app/themes/ or wp-content/themes/
$ composer create-project roots/sage your-theme-name

From the command line on your host machine (not on your Vagrant box), navigate to the theme directory then run yarn:

# @ themes/your-theme-name/
$ yarn

You now have all the necessary dependencies to run the build process.

# Getting ready for Browsersync

If you later want to use Browsersync during yarn run start you need to update devUrl at the bottom of assets/config.json to reflect your local development hostname.

For example, if your local development URL is https://project-name.test you would update the file to read:

  "devUrl": "https://project-name.test",

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