# Installation

# What is Sage?

Sage is a WordPress starter theme (opens new window).

# Why use Sage?

# Getting Started

Windows users

WSL is required in order to use Sage. Build commands must be ran from a WSL environment (opens new window).

Sage relies on Node.js based tools to manage dependencies and build assets. We recommend using Volta (opens new window) to install and manage Node.js. We also recommend using Yarn (opens new window). After installing Volta (opens new window):

# Install the latest Node.js LTS release
$ volta install node

# Globally install Yarn
$ npm install --global yarn

# Installing Acorn

Sage requires Acorn but doesn't ship with it included. This is to give you the flexibility to include it in a way that works best for your environment.

    See the Acorn installation docs for additional details.

    # Installing Sage with Composer

    Install Sage using Composer from your WordPress themes directory (replace your-theme-name below with the name of your theme):

    # From your WordPress themes directory, run:
    $ composer create-project roots/sage your-theme-name

    To install the latest development version of Sage, add dev-main to the end of the command:

    $ composer create-project roots/sage your-theme-name dev-main

    # Build assets

    You must build theme assets in order to access your site. Failing to build the assets will result in the error:

    The manifest [/path/to/sage/public/manifest.json] cannot be found.

    # Running the first build

    • Run yarn from the theme directory to install dependencies
    • Update bud.config.mjs with your local dev URL
    • yarn build — Compile assets

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