# Functionality

The app/ directory contains all the theme functionality. Since Sage is a starter theme, it’s okay for you to modify files within app/ to meet the needs of the site you’re building.

The PHP code in Sage is namespaced (opens new window), so make sure to use namespaced functions and classes (opens new window).

  • app/setup.php – Enqueue stylesheets and scripts, register support for theme features with add_theme_support, register navigation menus and sidebars. See Theme Configuration and Setup.

  • app/filters.php – Add WordPress filters in this file. Filters included by default:

    • excerpt_more – add "… Continued" to excerpts.
  • app/Providers - The place for any Service Providers (opens new window) you care to define for your theme. Comes with ThemeServiceProvider that adds no functionality but provides a template for your own Service Providers.

  • app/View - The place for view-related code, i.e. Composers and Components. For more information, see the documentation on Composers and Components.

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