# Blade Templates

Sage uses Laravel's Blade (opens new window) templating engine.

# Passing data to templates

The best way to handle passing data to templates is to use Composers, which allow you to separate data handling and manipulation from the view where that data is used. With Composers, you can bind data to any Blade template file.

You can also pass data directly to Blade templates when @includeing them by passing a keyed array as the second argument to the @include() directive. The key names will become the variable names that their values are assigned to.

@include('partials.example-partial', ['variableName' => 'Variable Value']

<!-- /resources/views/partials/example-partial.blade.php -->

<h1>{{ $variableName }}</h1>
<!-- <h1>Variable Value</h1> -->

# WP-CLI utility

If you need to clear or compile Blade templates, you can do so with WP-CLI:

# compile all Blade templates
$ wp acorn view:cache

# clear all Blade templates
$ wp acorn view:clear

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