# Available commands

  • wp acorn clear-compiled — Remove the compiled class file

  • wp acorn completion — Dump the shell completion script

  • wp acorn env — Display the current framework environment

  • wp acorn help — Display help for a command

  • wp acorn list — List commands

  • wp acorn optimize — Cache the framework bootstrap files

  • wp acorn acorn-init — Initializes required paths in the base directory

  • wp acorn config:cache — Create a cache file for faster configuration loading

  • wp acorn config:clear — Remove the configuration cache file

  • wp acorn optimize:clear — Remove the cached bootstrap files

  • wp acorn make:command — Create a new Artisan command

  • wp acorn make:component — Create a new view component class

  • wp acorn make:composer — Create a new view composer class

  • wp acorn make:provider — Create a new service provider class

  • wp acorn package:discover — Rebuild the cached package manifest

  • wp acorn vendor:publish — Publish any publishable assets from vendor packages

  • wp acorn view:cache — Compile all of the application's Blade templates

  • wp acorn view:clear — Clear all compiled view files

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